Louis Hurd, Spokane Superior Solutions

“Our company made 100k+ within 3 months of working with Kolby. His market savvy, diligence, and honesty helped us purchase the exact homes we wanted. He has a great attitude towards life in general and his philanthropic contributors to our Spokane community have not gone unnoticed. Kolby is a one of a kind human being and a phenomenal real estate advisor.”

Jeff & Tanya Huber

“Kolby was the ultimate agent for the purchase of our new house this winter. Kolby helped us recognize the non-negotiables of a house we wanted. The best way he served us was how Kolby was persistent, relentless in generating comparisons of other properties, and READING our hearts to remind us what we said we really want. And in the end, he was that friend in need that was a friend indeed. He helped us negotiate with a high priced home seller to get the price we wanted in the house that matched all our wish list. Such a win! Kolby had vision for our house hunt that we deeply appreciated, considering that we lived five hours away and needed a trusted set of eyes and ears that quickly tuned to our every own eyes and ears. He was always available anytime we needed them. My wife and I give him a ’10’ on every category of buying our home.”

Josh and Molly

“We started our search for a new home while we still lived in the Seattle area. Kolby came recommended to us by our realtor over there. That realtor had set the bar very high for service excellence so we were honestly a little nervous (besides the fact that we knew we would be traveling across the state several times for house hunting). Kolby put all of our fears to rest within 5 minutes of meeting him. He was very approachable and friendly and listened to our our long list of wants. Over the weeks of searching, that list changed but Kolby was flexible and adapted our search to meet every new need. He also showed us houses to help broaden our horizons and give us more options and ideas to consider. Communicating across the state is not always the easiest, but Kolby demonstrated his dedication by working tirelessly to set up long days of house hunting whenever we came into town. He was extremely dedicated to us and gave us a really personalized experience. When it came time to finally put in an offer, Kolby worked quickly and the process went very smoothly. We are now the proud owners of a new home that we absolutely love and are so thankful for all of Kolby’s hard work. We would highly recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Robyn Elliott and family

“I want to take a moment to share with you how pleased we are with our entire move and transition to Spokane. We couldn’t be happier! Moving from Bellevue and not being familiar with the area, Kolby found our perfect home for us! We are so impressed with his professionalism and knowledge as well as how much he took into account of our needs as a family. Kolby showed us many beautiful neighborhoods and homes and found a gorgeous property that best suits our family and lifestyle. There was never any pressure, only care and thoughtfulness into each home he showed us. He listened to our stories and how we lived our lives and remembered each and every detail. Though we thought we wanted one type of home in a certain area, Kolby shared homes from our list and what he thought would work for us as a family. Not only did Kolby do his due diligence, he made sure that with our extremely busy travel schedule we made the most of each trip to Spokane as effective and efficient as possible. When I would fly in to Spokane, on some days for only a half day or mere hours, he had his list prepared and ready to go. We drove, toured and did everything needed to find and expedite the transaction on our home. Even with the pre-existing remodel, Kolby made sure appointments, contractors and inspectors were scheduled accordingly. I now am a proud owner of a beautiful home with the most amazing kitchen, swimming pool and private park! Thank you for always answering our texts and calls even post transaction to make sure we were still very happy with our purchase. Kolby has gone above and beyond the call of duty and we are so thankful! We appreciate his care and professionalism and look forward to doing business with him in the near future. We love Spokane!”